Went to the Apple store today. They said they couldn’t find anything wrong with my mac and to wipe/restore my mac. So hopefully it will no longer break daily. And now to try find my Microsoft Word cd and redownload that. Also find all my music. ffs.

So recently in an attempt to help reduce the amount and severity of migraines I have (3 a week and sometimes making it so I can’t move without severe pain) , I’ve been making a mental list of all the things that trigger them. Let’s say it’s just simpler for me to list all the things that don’t trigger them. I should also start making an extensive detailed diary of them in their entirety so I can go to the doctors and make them see this isn’t just a bad headache but something that is physically impairing my life, and that painkillers never work. Hopefully they’ll stop prescribing cocodmol (which doesn’t help in the slightest and have told them a million times), and give me something preventative.