All of the trains got cancelled as the uk cannot handle “strong” winds, and it was like the worst thing ever as I just wanted to curl up in bed all day (feeling a bit shitty), but instead I had to stand in the icey cold wind until my dad came and picked me up (an hour and a half). Saying that I have a dad who’s awesome enough to drive 30 mins, shit in shitty cambridge traffic, and pick me up.



the origin of Ouija boards is funny if you think about it, like they’re part of another country’s (China) ancient history that was practiced until one emperor decided, “You know what this is probably a bad idea” and banned the practice. 

then centuries later an old businessman comes along and is like “I’m going to take this and market it as a toy to children.”

Which is the exact plot of Yu-Gi-Oh


Man I wish I was still at uni and I could just text Suz and ask if she wanted to come help me drown myself in a bottle of wine. Cos that’s what I need right now, my best bud and a drink. Why did I not take advantage of such a good friend when they lived in the same city as me.

I wish I could afford to move out of my parents place, and to somewhere a little less in the middle of nowhere. But nowhere does studio/1 bedroom flats that aren’t way out of my price range (also I may have no job after January again). And I can’t handle doing a house share as it wrecks havoc with my mental health. Maybe if I had friends to do a house share with that would be bareable. But not strangers… especially as I obviously appear female (which comes with it own set of stranger danger-ness).

I just want to live somewhere that gives me the freedom to do what I want to do. Not be stuck in a field with no transport and no form of any social interactions EVER.

My mum thinks I should live at home until I can afford a mortgage to buy a flat. It’s like… you expect me to live at home for 10+ years?! Why not just build a basement for me too.