It has been 10 fucking days and my paper still hasn’t been dispatched. If it wasn’t for the fact the paper and delivery cost £100 I would just buy some more somewhere else. SERIOUSLY?! You get my order ready the day after I order it but HAVEN’T FUCKING SHIPPED IT YET!?





stop following me in front 



I wish I didn’t have a female body so I could go for a run in a couple of hours. I hate how much people try to abduct/assult me in the day when i’m running… I can imagine it would be worse at night….

… especially as I live in Newport…

I’ve been back in Newport for 5 days now, and whenever I’m the only one here I think… Gee I wish I lived alone cos this is the best. I create so little mess so have nearly NO cleaning to do, and I can dance around in just a shirt whilst singing my heart out. And it’s so peaceful. And doesn’t smell like cat. Why do they have to come back in a week. blah.